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St. Michaels Hospice 10k Charity Run

Twycross House School has a reputation of being able to raise huge amounts of money selling and eating cake. With this in mind we decided to counteract the indulgence with a bit of light exercise. The plans were made to run 10k and at the time it seemed like a great idea. A few months later I wasn’t feeling as confident or happy with the decision. 16 students, 1 member of staff and a few parents took to the track at Hick’s lodge to run 10k all in the name of charity. Having had to postpone the original date due to snow, we found ourselves battling through a heatwave. 10k sounds like a stroll in the park but believe me it wasn’t easy. I am really proud of all the students who took part. The students (& parents) were fantastic. Jack Brown (UVI) did a brilliant job of organising the event and we managed to raise an amazing £900.

We all had a great time, especially those spectators would came to cheer us on and eat ice cream (Mrs Cleaver!!). Thank you to everyone who contributed in some way.

Mrs C Lauder