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Senior 1 Camp 2018

What a scorcher! There was no way that this year’s students were going to need their waterproofs!

This cohort had to wait a week longer than normal so, by the time we got to 1.30pm on Friday afternoon, excitement was at its peak. We arrived at camp to blazing sunshine after a glorious walk from Powis Castle to the sweet shop and a cross country trek to our final destination. Tents were put up (the staff think the tents are getting more complicated every year!) and then Senior 1 put their culinary skills into practice. After some free time to explore the campsite, the children ventured off into the hills for their night walk to badger spot – I think the badgers must have taken refuge when they heard there were 37 children in town! There were hot chocolates all round before they settled down into their beds for the next few nights. 

Lake Vyrnwy was our destination on Saturday with the group taking part in kick sampling with the RSPB as well as archery and canoeing. Some children really fought their fears as they tentatively paddled out on to the lake before coming back with confident strokes and beaming faces. Everyone enjoyed an ice cream before returning to camp for a scavenger hunt and more cooking. This year’s choice of film was ‘The Greatest Showman’ and it wasn’t long before we were all singing and dancing along in our sleeping bags. How much the sheep appreciated this I’m not sure…!

On Sunday, we set off for Red Ridge for a day of activities with many commenting that paddle-boarding was by far their favourite. Again, it was a day for many to fight their fears and they did so with courage and determination. 

In the evening, we had to have a slight change to the schedule as, due to the weather yet again, we couldn’t build bonfires in the woods. Instead, we took the children into the wood for a bit of nature meditation where they listened to the sounds around them – I don’t think I have ever seen this group of students sit still and be quiet for quite so long! Mr Assinder also told us some stories about the history of the area. After a BBQ, all of the campers sat around the fire pit to toast marshmallows and sing songs – they were definitely a bunch of singers, this lot! 

Monday morning saw us packing up and saying goodbye to our home for the weekend and, after a brief stop in Shrewsbury for more ice cream, we arrived back with a coach of satisfied, sleepy,  (slightly smelly!) yet still singing children. Thanks Senior 1 for a fantastic weekend and for being such a brilliant bunch to take away. Your helpfulness and polite manners made for a lovely weekend for all the staff. 

Miss E Clift