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4th Summer Concert


Heave-ho and away the 4th years went on a fantastic journey, across the seven seas where they realised the ocean just wasn’t big enough for pirates AND mermaids! 

At the “Me Hearty High School”, the most distinguished pirate school, the trainee pirates couldn’t wait to graduate and become proper, scary pirates!

There was only one problem….none of them could swim! If they couldn’t swim they would fail their ‘ARRR’ levels and then what would they do? 

The answer was with the mermaids, but would they ever find a way to get along? 

With seven great songs and a humorous script, Captain Scarypants, played brilliantly by Stan Howley, took his pirates on a swashbuckling adventure to meet a crew of feisty mermaids, a hungry crocodile and of course, one insane parrot which is no reflection on Baris Clarke whose performance was impeccable!! 

Such confidence, such delivery , and such professionalism . Well done to all the 4th years who all shone in their own way. We wish you all a successful 2019 whatever you may be doing. You have all made us very proud. 

Mrs T Dally