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Third Year – Science

Motorised modelsThis term began with great excitement as the third year children exhibited their electrical models.  Following our electricity topic the previous term, all the children had worked hard during the Christmas holidays to build a motorised model.  Many thanks for all the support given by parents over the holidays.  Children had great fun explaining and demonstrating their models to the rest of the school. 

Motorised models

Motorised models

Our first science topic this term was ‘Uses of Everyday Materials’, which culminated in a half term challenge to give a used plastic bottle a new use. The children once again excelled themselves by creating a huge variety of alternative uses for plastic bottles. 

Plastic bottle models Plastic bottle models Plastic Bottle Models Plastic bottle models Plastic bottle models Plastic bottle models

The final Science topic this term was ‘Space’, in which we have had fun learning about gravity and exploring different ways to launch rockets.  We finished the topic exploring the moon and the different planets in our solar system.