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The Daily Mile

The children at The Hollies have been very excited at the introduction of The Daily Mile. This fitness initiative was firstly introduced in Scotland by headmistress Elaine Wyllie in 2012 since then over 3000 schools have partaken in the daily activity to help increase children’s fitness.

At The Hollies we started our daily run lightly by completing three laps of our playing field. We increased this by two laps every week until the last week of term, when the children ran an impressive eight laps of the field which tallied to one mile. 

It has been remarkable to witness to advancement of some children who struggled on the first few laps to now happily running the full eight.

Each of the children who completed the mile was presented with a certificate and a greatly appreciated ice lolly!!

Well done to all the children for their hard work and we look forward to continuing our fitness building in September.