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Spring 2017


This term we have been following in the footsteps of Brian Cox and being super scientists. We have been carrying out investigations with water. We added different things to water and observed what happened . . . sometimes the changes were amazing!

Water Beasties

We have learned how to make things float on water. We made ‘Water Beasties’ and then tried them out – some floated really well, especially if they had big feet.

Wind – ribbons and bubbles

Storm Doris helped show the power of the wind – unfortunately it was so strong we had to investigate what happens to bubbles and streamers the following day. Luckily the weather was kinder and the children were able to complete the experiment without being blown off their feet.

Spring Concert

How does Mrs Dally do it? Every year she inspires the children to perform and sing, creating new and entertaining shows. This year is no exception as the First Year children took part in The Three Little Pigs. The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part and the parents were impressed and delighted.

Easter egg hunt

We are so lucky that the Easter Bunny appears every year especially for the First Year children. They enjoyed the Easter egg hunt, especially the part when they could eat their treasure!


Making a wizards brew was very exciting. The power of bicarbonate of soda made the children gasp and stare as the mixture gradually ‘climbed’ out of the jar and flowed down the side and onto the table!