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Senior 3 trip to Beth Shalom

anne frankWe have been studying ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ in English this term and we visited the Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre and Museum on 18th November to help us understand and learn more about the Holocaust.

At the centre there was a memorial garden with many sculptures to commemorate those who died in the Holocaust. Inside, there were many different rooms, each focussing on a different stage of the Holocaust.

Finally we had a talk from a Holocaust survivor named Yvonne Franklin who lived in France throughout the war. Her family had to move continually to keep safe. At the end of the talk we had the opportunity to ask her some questions about her story. We found this the most interesting part of the trip and it was worthwhile to learn more about the Holocaust and people’s personal experiences.

Olivia Milner, S3X

Some reflections on the visit from Senior 3Y:

‘The visit helped me understand more about genocide by getting deeper into the problems and the effects of the Holocaust.’  Isabelle Underwood

‘The survivor’s talk was moving because it was easier to connect with a living person.’  Jake Sanders

‘I could see and feel how important and emotional the whole situation was for the survivor.’   Chloe James

‘I learned you should stand up for people and stop discrimination as this can lead to worse discrimination and suffering.’  Alice Marriot

‘I think the most important thing I learned from the visit was that we should stand up to discrimination and beat it.’  Hannah Walker

‘I would recommend the visit because it was a great and moving experience.’  Peter Nugent

‘It gave me an emotional insight into what the Holocaust was really like.’  Euan Barlow