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Twycross House Association

We are always interested to hear news of past pupils. For the annual presentation evening at Twycross House we welcomed back Ben Alun-Jones.

Ben left Twycross House in 2005 with A-levels in maths, chemistry and physics and AS-levels in geography, further maths and critical thinking.  After school he took a gap Year in Industry with QinetiQ (formerly the Ministry of Defence Research Laboratories). After travelling to Central America, Ben studied electronic engineering at Imperial College, London. His final year was spent at the University of California, Santa Barbara, which he found an amazing experience.

Ben found his dream career not at Imperial, but next door at the Royal College of Art, for their end of year show proved far more interesting to him than work at Imperial!  He applied for and was accepted into Innovation Design Engineering, which taught him to mix his technical skills with a creative output; this has proved the basis of his work today.

After the RCA Ben started a design consultancy, Searu, with his long-time collaborator, Hal Watts. Together they have built robotic musical instruments for and are working on a forthcoming project for Google Creative Lab.

This November Ben launched a fashion company Knyttan, with fellow RCA graduates Hal Watts and Kirsty Emery.  Knyttan allows customers to design their own scarves, jumpers or dresses. These are then made on industrial knitting machines in the Knyttan shop in Somerset House, Central London.

Ben presented certificates to present pupils and we welcomed former students back from their first two months at university including Laura Baxendale (Medicine) Leicester, Ben Cockroft (Accountancy and Finance) Bristol, Rebecca Evans (International Business Management) Newcastle, Emma Marshall (Art Conservation and Restoration) Lincoln, Alexandra Milner (Biochemistry) Bristol, Emma Pickens (Biological Sciences) Exeter, Charlotte Smith (Primary Teaching) Nottingham Trent, Callum Wordsworth (Natural Sciences) Durham, Natalie Milner (Classics) Oxford Somerville,  Fergus Chalmers (Physiotherapy) Coventry, Jack Hall (Law) Bristol, Mark Page (Veterinary Science) Nottingham,  Charlie Stockton (Sports Development and Coaching) Sheffield Hallam, Joe Swift (Business Economics) Reading, George Rushton (Economics and Finance) Manchester and Charlotte Rutter (Mechanical Engineering) Manchester.