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A Medieval Experience

We have been very fortunate in the third year to have Madeleine Richardson in class 3y. She and her family take part in medieval re-enactments. Our history topic this term related to life in the past and in particular life in a castle in medieval England.

Madeleine’s grandparents were happy to come to visit us, arriving in costumes befitting their roles. We were entertained and instructed in some wonderful music making, singing and dancing using instruments and chants from medieval times. As can be seen, everyone enjoyed the experience immensely. Tommy even had the privilege of being chosen to play a special drum whilst the ‘hurdy gurdy’ and pipes were played by Mr and Mrs Radford, our special guests. He was a real star, keeping in time to the music with a steady beat. How we wish we had been chosen!

It was a super experience for the third year children and one they will never forget.