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Lower Sixth Geography Trip – Cromer 2017

18 Lower Sixth Geographers headed East in the search of sun, sea and groynes to profile along the North Norfolk coast.  After a few hours of travelling through the fine agricultural heartland of England we arrived at Cromer to discover the sea, but not the sun.  Beanie hats and scarfs were extracted from the bottom of bags and we headed for the beach.  Not surprisingly with Cromer having some of the coldest temperatures in Great Britain that day, we had the beach all to ourselves and set about collecting data on the impacts of the hard engineering found along the coast on the beach.  The day got no warmer but our students worked hard to complete their data collection and even found time to eat an ice cream (we were at the coast after all!).  

After a night in our youth hostel accommodation we set out to profile the local beaches.  After a fog-heavy start the sun finally appeared and we were able to take off at least one of the 10 layers we were all wearing. Working our way around the coastline we found ourselves in the picturesque setting of Wells-Next-The-Sea for lunch as well as an opportunity to meet some of the local seal population who had decided that with the sun out and the tide low, a spot of sunbathing on the beach was in order.  

Our students worked incredibly hard over the two days of fieldwork and have now the experience and data to use for their summer AS exams.

N Sampson