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Important Visitors

This term we have welcomed two important visitors to The Hollies.

First of all a fire fighter came to talk to us about the Fire Service and the wonderful job they do within the community. We learned how to keep ourselves safe and how to STOP! DROP! and ROLL! if our clothing caught fire. Our homework for that week was to inform our parents about fire safety, how to contact the emergency services and to learn our addresses. We also were told about the importance of having a working smoke alarm in our houses.

Then we had a visit from two Police Officers with all their paraphernalia! Before we could get down to the serious business of trying on police uniforms and sitting in the police cars with the sirens blasting, we learned about some of the important work that the Police do in order to keep us safe.

We were told how to contact the Police in case of emergency and learned a little more about stranger danger with the use of some very interesting films. We were told how a stranger is anyone that we don’t know-including other children and we were shown what to do if we get lost in a crowded shopping centre.

Thank you to the Police for a very informative and enjoyable visit.

Mrs Makin