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High School Musical

It is a very busy time at school.  The basketball team has reached the championship final; the maths/science team is limbering up for a big challenge event; auditions are underway for a neo-feminist version of ‘Romeo and Juliet’.  Meanwhile the mainstay of the basketball team and the top maths student fall for each other and decide to audition for starring parts in the play, to the utter dismay of their team-mates.  On the face of it, another day at Twycross House!  However, this is the world of ‘High School Musical’ produced by Miss Clift and rehearsed assiduously by the cast for six months.

The audience was treated to a witty script and some excellent chorus numbers delivered with clear enjoyment by pupils from S1 – S4.  I usually avoid singling out individuals in a team production, but Natasha Bate and Joe Dugas fully deserved the applause for the quality of their solos and duets and were very well supported by the singing of Josie Lynch and Tom Bryan.  Younger members of the cast revealed great promise for the future.

The moral of the story was a good one: resist peer pressure and support your friends!

Congratulations to all the performers and technical assistants for an ambitious and thoroughly entertaining project.