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German Exchange Return Visit to Schweich

On 15th December, 19 nervously excited Germanists, were greeted by their German exchange partners at the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer Gymnasium school in Schweich, with ‘Kaffee und Kuchen’ (a German tradition of large cakes and coffee), before being whisked off to their respective host houses for six days.

As anticipated, our Twycross students were exceptionally cool and contented, all claiming to be comfortable and happy in their German families.  Some insisted on speaking solely in German for the whole week, whilst others were relieved to speak in ‘Genglish’ with their family.  

Besides spending time in the German classrooms and being thoroughly entertained by the very generous German families, we had a guided tour of Trier and its beautiful Christmas market; visited the Porta Nigra; took a train to Cochem Castle; went to a basketball match; learned to play Handball and even attended a German carol concert on the last day of school.  

Mr. Perry and I were very proud of the Twycross students, who adapted so readily and easily to the huge challenge of living alone, within a German family. It was a truly character-building, confidence-boosting, German-speaking, wonderful experience for all who dared.

Mrs J Pound