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Fantastic fun on field trips

Keen Geography students from Forms 4, 5 and S1 have all been on various trips this term to enhance their investigative skills and gain practical experience of field work.

Form 4 have been studying the origins of settlements and their names and functions. Along with the many Viking settlements in the area whose names end in ‘by’ or ‘thorpe’, one of the most common place name endings is ‘ton’ meaning an Anglo-Saxon enclosure. It was therefore appropriate that the Form 4 pupils travelled to the local hamlet of Shenton to study its origins and development as a farming community. They also visited Shenton Station to investigate how the use of the railway and its surroundings had changed and the cafe at the Battlefield Visitor Centre to see if its cakes were still as tasty!

This year’s Form 5 were the first to go on a new field trip to beautiful Bradgate Park north of Leicester as part of their rivers and tourism studies. They enjoyed getting their feet wet (and hopefully not disturbing any protected crayfish!) as they measured the profile of the River Lin’s bed and its flow rate and sediments. They bravely conducted interviews with visitors to the park who were extremely generous with their time and warmly commended the courteous behaviour and smart appearance of their young interviewers. They also delighted the local ice cream seller who was almost overwhelmed by their generous consumption of his delicious products!

S1 pupils were once again grateful to Mrs Oliver of Fenn Lane Farm who kindly allowed them to visit the arable farm to learn about the farming year and the economics of a modern, commercial agricultural business. They were also able to see the huge grain store and clamber all over the expensive machinery to fully experience the difference between farming in the local area and a subsistent farm in a developing country. Having significantly boosted the day’s takings as they quenched their thirst at Sutton Cheney Wharf cafe, a walk along the canal towpath and through the woods afterwards enabled the pupils to put their Ordnance Survey map skills to the test and was completed without serious mishap in spite of the wet conditions.

C Perry