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The house lights dimmed, the chorus sang their first number and the audience knew from the very outset that they were in for a really entertaining evening.  Miss Clift has nurtured the younger talent revealed in previous shows and now soloists are coming forward for the first time and proving themselves more than worthy of their roles.  The acting, too, was impressive with clear delivery, confident use of the small stage and some nice portrayal of character.

So …. the students enrolled at New York High School for the Performing Arts and quickly had to get used to the teachers played by Isabelle Fellows, Ellen Oberheim, Francis Mayes and Will Toon.  These four sang in style and really looked the part.  The students were a disparate bunch: the fame-seeking Carmen (a winning performance by Isobel Morgan), the rather serious Schlomo (Oliver Duby singing and playing the keyboard), the rebellious Tyrone (an unnervingly authentic portrayal from Tanatswa Kubara), the romantic duo Serena and Nick (lovely singing from Polly Bill and Alfie Hytch), Joe Vegas (surely a role just made for the ebullient Kit Lumb) and Mabel (Keeva Morrell hitting those high notes again) – not forgetting Taylor Grice and her elegant balletic moves.  All of these were supported enthusiastically and tunefully by a radiant chorus of fellow-students as talent was developed, friendships were forged and show-biz careers launched.

The standard of this production was very high and every single person involved in it can feel very proud of what they contributed and achieved.  Thanks to Joe Morgan (U6) for technical support and also for training up Alex Holmes and Holly Limer; to the backstage stalwarts Jessica Callaghan and Emma Slater; and finally to the inspiring and tireless director/producer Miss Clift with assistance from Mrs Morrell.

Mrs N. Lilley