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Classics Conference

Classics ConferenceFebruary saw the A Level Latin and Greek students participating in the sixth form Classics conference at Loughborough High School. They attended a day of lectures and seminars, delivered by a host of university lecturers, on a range of classical authors. This gave the students a taste of university style teaching. An army marches on its stomach, and the students made sure to stock up over lunchtime. A more light-hearted event was an afternoon visit to Birmingham University to see the broadcaster and writer Natalie Haynes, who was speaking about her new book, The Children of Jocasta. The book looks at the Oedipus myth from a feminine perspective, and in an uproarious hour, Haynes proceeded to colour the way the students think about their subject. We left with signed pre-release copies of the book, and a smile on our faces.  

Dr S Assinder