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Cinderella & Rockerfella

Forms 3X and 3Y had a marvellous time at the end of term recreating the tale of Cinderella on stage.  The town-crier, Buttons and the cat took their expected places in the story, but the arrival of rock-star Rockerfella dressed head-to-toe in designer leather was less expected.  Tired of touring with his band and dealing with the paparazzi and PR people, our celebrity hero was looking for a quiet life and the love of a good woman.  Despite the machinations of the two hilariously dressed ugly sisters and Fairy Nastyboots, Cinderella went to the ball and captivated the jaded Rockerfella before heading home at midnight in the sleekest car ever seen on a Twycross stage.  Next morning the slipper fitted perfectly and Cinderella was reunited with her fella.

This lovely production was the result of many months of hard work from the cast under the direction of Mrs Kirkpatrick and her helpers, with technical assistance from our ever-reliable senior boys.  The opinion in the press-box was that the solo singing was outstanding, the set-pieces were a feast for the eyes and the talent on display was very promising for future dramatic productions.

Thank you to everybody involved for a super evening’s entertainment.

Mrs N. Lilley