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The Hollies Visits

The Hollies Visits


Fire Safety

As part of a topic on safety the whole school had a visit from the Fire Service. We learned to Stop, Drop and Roll!!

A Medieval Experience

We have been very fortunate in the third year to have Madeleine Richardson in class 3y. She and her family take part in medieval re-enactments. Our history topic this term related to life in the past and in particular life in a castle in medieval England. Madeleine’s grandparents were happy to come to visit us,… Continue reading A Medieval Experience.

Important Visitors

This term we have welcomed two important visitors to The Hollies. First of all a fire fighter came to talk to us about the Fire Service and the wonderful job they do within the community. We learned how to keep ourselves safe and how to STOP! DROP! and ROLL! if our clothing caught fire. Our… Continue reading Important Visitors.

Shugborough Hall

To support our work on Victorians the 4th year, resplendent in period costume, visited Shugborough Hall in October. We had a fabulous time working alongside the cook in the great kitchen, seeing some of the servants’ quarters and being on our best behaviour in the school room. Members of the public, alongside the Shugborough Hall… Continue reading Shugborough Hall.

Historic Houses

As part of their History topic, Homes in the Past, the Third Years went on a trip to Tamworth Castle. We explored all the areas of the castle from the very top with the wonderful views across the countryside right down to the kitchens where all the food for the inhabitants was prepared. When we… Continue reading Historic Houses.

Tom The Willow Man

We were once again lucky enough to work alongside Tom this year. He talked to the children about willow and its uses. After a quick demonstration, the 4th years were set the task of weaving a willow butterfly. This done, they then made willow frames for climbing plants which can be seen in the gardens…. Continue reading Tom The Willow Man.

4th Year Twycross Zoo Visit

On Friday 14th June, the fourth year children visited Twycross Zoo to support our school work on climates and habitats. We were all excited to see the new dinosaur exhibits. We even had our photo taken on the back of a T.Rex! Dodging the rain showers we saw many and varied species of fantastic animals… Continue reading 4th Year Twycross Zoo Visit.

First Year Zoo and Gardens

In art we learned about the painting of sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh. We painted some of our own using thickened paint and did some fantastic sunflower sewing. It was so much fun that we decided to bake sunflower cakes – they were delicious! We were very fortunate to have a visit from some Maasai… Continue reading First Year Zoo and Gardens.

Learning about Buddhism

On June 14th, Pet and Jenny, from the Nagarjuna Kadampa Buddhist Centre in Leicester, came to talk to the Hollies students about Buddhism. This is what Kashif Shabir, in Year 3, wrote about the experience:   What I learned about Buddhism I learned to respect my teachers and not to harm any animals. I learned the story of… Continue reading Learning about Buddhism.

Trip to Shugborough

On Thursday 8th December the 4th years enjoyed a trip to Shugborough Hall as the culmination of their work on the life of children in Victorian Britain. On our arrival we were treated to a taste of Christmas for the farm workers’ children. We heard about the food and traditions that the workers and their… Continue reading Trip to Shugborough.