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The Hollies Sport

The Hollies Sport


Sports Day Presentations 2018

Congratulations to our nominees for the awards given out on Sports Day. The winner is pulled from a hat so literally it is the “luck of the draw”. The Reading Cup was won by Chloe Lin. The Personal Development Cup was won by Justin Lin. The Merit Cup was won by Eliza Gilman and the… Continue reading Sports Day Presentations 2018.


We have really enjoyed doing yoga this year. In our last session we made a friendship web and worked together to create poses.

Sports Day

The weather was extremely kind to us this year at Sports Day. The children competed enthusiastically and a great afternoon was enjoyed by all. Congratulations to all children who received a nomination from their teacher for the Reading Cup, Personal Development Cup and the Merit Cup. Well done!

Olympic Torch

Twycross House and the Hollies were lucky enough to have a visit from an official Olympic Torch last term. Simon Lewis, an ex-pupil, had been selected and given the honour of carrying the torch in his home town of Gloucester in May. He brought his family along to school on what was supposed to be… Continue reading Olympic Torch.

Sport’s Day

The weather was kind to us this year. The sun came out from behind a cloud for a rare appearance and provided the perfect conditions for an active afternoon. The children tried their best and participated enthusiastically in all events. Races included: sprinting, sack race, skipping race, hop skip and jump and shuttle relay. The… Continue reading Sport’s Day.

Cup Winners

Congratulations to all children who were nominated for an award this year. The Cups were presented to: Mila Ellis Edwards – Francesca’s Cup for Reading Emaan Obaid – Harrison Cup Edward Flynn – Merit Cup Well done!