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The Hollies Activity Album

The Hollies Activity Album


Poppies , Space and Christmas Crafts

Space projects  The 4th year classes have thoroughly enjoyed completing mini projects about Space and the Solar System. Their work proved to be superbly creative. Christmas crafts  In the 4th year, the children have been very busy creating a whole variety of Christmas crafts. We are sure they will be much admired at home! Poppies … Continue reading Poppies , Space and Christmas Crafts.

Third Year Fun

Science Fun In the Third Year our Autumn Term began with the science topic ‘Animals Including Humans’. During this topic we carefully looked after some caterpillars and watched them grow, change into chrysalises and then emerge as beautiful Painted Lady butterflies. Eventually we released them into the garden and were sad to say goodbye. Another… Continue reading Third Year Fun.

Light Boxes, Toys and Woodland Adventures

If you go down to the woods today….. The leaves crunched under our feet as we meandered through the beautiful school woods. Teddy bears in arms we experienced the sights and sounds of a perfect autumn day. Light Boxes  By making light boxes the children discovered the importance of light for being able to see…. Continue reading Light Boxes, Toys and Woodland Adventures.

Torches, Bubbling Brew and Polesworth Abbey

In the garden The garden at The Hollies is amazing and we enjoyed exploring all of it! It was really difficult to choose a favourite place in the garden but we managed to – after a good look around. We made flags with our names on and put them next to the place we liked… Continue reading Torches, Bubbling Brew and Polesworth Abbey.

Easter Bonnets

Wow! On a cloudy overcast morning spring burst out in the Hollies garden! The children paraded in their fabulous Easter bonnets giving the judges an almost impossible task of picking winners. The parade was followed by a rousing rendition of “Happy birthday” to Mrs Patrick, one of our visitors. Well done and a happy Easter… Continue reading Easter Bonnets.

Cooking, Sewing / Crafts

The 4th Year classes have been busy sewing, cooking, cutting and gluing to give their lovely Mums gifts they deserve for Mother’s Day. Hot on its heels followed crafts to celebrate Easter!

Fourth Years

Fourth year pupil Carys Mountjoy recently achieved success in the Nuneaton Festival of Arts. She was awarded first place in the poetry and verse speaking class.   Growing healthy plants in Science The fourth years have been learning about how to grow healthy plants. It has been fun to decide what to plant, ready to… Continue reading Fourth Years.

Third Year – Science

This term began with great excitement as the third year children exhibited their electrical models.  Following our electricity topic the previous term, all the children had worked hard during the Christmas holidays to build a motorised model.  Many thanks for all the support given by parents over the holidays.  Children had great fun explaining and… Continue reading Third Year – Science.

‘Iron Man’

As part of our topic ‘materials’ the children made a fantastic ‘Iron Man’ from recycled materials.  The inspiration came from the book by Ted Hughes ‘The Iron Man’. Will our ‘Iron Giant’ come to life?  Let’s wait and see!

2nd Years

Sound and Hearing The children made a percussion instrument and enjoyed games and music making with them.  Sewing – Mother’s Day For Mother’s Day this year the children learnt a new skill and produced a beautiful piece of sewing as a gift for their mums. Patience is a virtue we are still working on!  French… Continue reading 2nd Years.