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Music, Drama & Art

Music, Drama & Art


May Concert

Our May concert once again drew attention to the wealth of musical talent in the school in all age groups.  The public examinations had claimed the time of our older musicians, but several members of S4 took the stage.  The extraordinarily accomplished Fran Gordon played ‘Hunter’s Moon’ on the French horn; Joe Dugas looked suitably… Continue reading May Concert.

Arts Festival

The school was buzzing with creative endeavour during the first week in March when we held our first ever Arts Festival.  The aim was simply to celebrate the arts throughout the week in the broadest sense: drama, art, music, dance, singing, poetry, craft, stories, design.  We enlisted the services of a professional jester to teach… Continue reading Arts Festival.

Batik Workshop

We welcomed batik artist, Bev Morrant, to Senior 4 art lessons to inspire some wonderful art pieces in this interesting medium. Although the students only had two hours, the work they produced was incredible and all enjoyed trying out a new technique.

Tugboat Busk for Comic Relief

The Twycross Ukulele group made a marvellous £131.22 busking for Comic Relief on Friday March 15th.  This performance introduced many new ukulele players .We were also very pleased to be joined by Charlie Psaras on the tea-chest bass and Warren Smith on the skiffle drum. William Roche and Frank Burton composed a special song for… Continue reading Tugboat Busk for Comic Relief.

Christmas Concert

This year’s Christmas concert was hugely enjoyed by a host of performers and a very large audience.  The children of Form 5 presented a very entertaining play, ‘The Mayor who Banned Christmas’, which was accompanied by songs and carols sung by the children of Form 4, all under the direction of Miss Clift.  The very… Continue reading Christmas Concert.

Form 3 Plays

Forms 3X and 3Y took to the stage last month to put on their traditional spring production.  This year it consisted of four ‘Farmyard Fables’ specially written for them by Mr Neville Ellis: Chauntecleer and the Fox, The Reluctant Prince, What Big Teeth You’ve Got, and Houses Fit for Pigs. These were old tales but… Continue reading Form 3 Plays.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream?

Twycross House School parents, pupils and friends were treated in November to an extremely funny and successful adaptation of Shakespeare’s famous tale.  ‘Harmony Fields’ was written, directed and produced by Cleo Henry of the upper sixth, who had previously won the backing of the Twycross Business Community’s Dragon’s Den to help with production costs.  The… Continue reading A Midsummer Night’s Dream?.

Form 5 Trojan War Projects

This term Form 5X have been studying the Trojan War in Latin lessons. As part of their homework, they were asked to choose any aspect of the Trojan War, whether it was their favourite part of the story or one of the characters, and produce a creative project based on it. We had a wide… Continue reading Form 5 Trojan War Projects.

The School Library

Last September Mrs Audrey Lington was appointed as our lunch-time library supervisor and I think it is fair to say we got more than we bargained for!  Working closely with the English department she has transformed the library itself, expanded into an adjacent tutorial class-room and come up with one creative idea after another.  Needless… Continue reading The School Library.

Off By Heart

The annual poetry competition organised by Miss Molyneux and Mrs Alves produced some wonderful recitations from a wide selection of poems offered for selection. All the children in Forms 3 and 4 worked hard to learn a poem OFF BY HEART . This year ‘Alligator’ by Grace Nichols was the most popular poem chosen …. Continue reading Off By Heart.