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Music, Drama & Art

Music, Drama & Art


Dramads Workshop

We were given the exciting opportunity back in April to have a leader from a Birmingham based drama club come and give us a taster of one of their workshops. Ebe Bamgboye, having recently left drama school, is an up and coming facilitator and director who believes in the importance of the actors having the… Continue reading Dramads Workshop.

Form Three Plays 2018

Here are some photographs from our form three plays.

Photographs from Grease

This year’s production of Grease was an incredible success. Here are some photographs.

The Sound of Musicals – the senior musical

“Another op’nin, another show!” This year’s senior musical saw us pay tribute to the New Hall, which has been Twycross’ main performance space for the last 40 years, by performing a variety of songs from some of the most celebrated musicals since 1935 – and providing a history lesson at the same time! There were… Continue reading The Sound of Musicals – the senior musical.

Twycross at the Christmas Movies

 “A magical night out.” *****  “So much talent on one stage!” ***** This Christmas, Twycross held its very own premiere and the stars were out in force on the red carpet! There was an array of talent to be seen and a fantastic evening was had by all. The evening was professionally hosted by a… Continue reading Twycross at the Christmas Movies.

Swallows Hill Christmas Cards

This year’s Christmas Cards have added greatly to the festive decorations in Swallows. The Form 3s looked at different artists to inspire them. Form 3Y viewed Jane Ray’s ‘Story of Christmas’. Her style is detailed and decorative, so gel pens added extra sparkle. Form 3X looked at Henri Matisse’s cut-outs. It challenged their cutting skills… Continue reading Swallows Hill Christmas Cards.


The house lights dimmed, the chorus sang their first number and the audience knew from the very outset that they were in for a really entertaining evening.  Miss Clift has nurtured the younger talent revealed in previous shows and now soloists are coming forward for the first time and proving themselves more than worthy of… Continue reading FAME JR..

Summer Concert

We decided that the most appropriate label for this year’s summer event was a ‘revue’, as it encompassed a variety of acts from across the year groups showcasing items they have been working on throughout the year. This ranged from tap-dancers to actors through to singers and instrumentalists. All the pupils who took part in… Continue reading Summer Concert.

High School Musical

It is a very busy time at school.  The basketball team has reached the championship final; the maths/science team is limbering up for a big challenge event; auditions are underway for a neo-feminist version of ‘Romeo and Juliet’.  Meanwhile the mainstay of the basketball team and the top maths student fall for each other and… Continue reading High School Musical.

Cinderella & Rockerfella

Forms 3X and 3Y had a marvellous time at the end of term recreating the tale of Cinderella on stage.  The town-crier, Buttons and the cat took their expected places in the story, but the arrival of rock-star Rockerfella dressed head-to-toe in designer leather was less expected.  Tired of touring with his band and dealing… Continue reading Cinderella & Rockerfella.