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Exchanges & Visits

Exchanges & Visits


Form 4 history visit to Bosworth Battlefield

Form 4 launched their work on the Tudors with an activity-packed visit to Bosworth Battlefield. During the day we learnt how this infamous period of English history began right on our doorstep. We explored the battlefield site, visited the exhibition, were drilled by Captain Mortimer in Tudor fighting techniques and ended our visit by learning… Continue reading Form 4 history visit to Bosworth Battlefield.

Athens 2016

All fifteen students studying Ancient Greek at school spent an action-packed long weekend in Athens at the start of the Easter holidays. After an especially punishing start (3am departure anyone?), Mr Assinder, Mrs du Sautoy, Mrs Lilley and I shepherded our charges off the plane into a grey and atmospheric Athens. We hit the ground… Continue reading Athens 2016.

Civil War

In history, Senior 2 have spent the autumn term on a focused study of the English Civil War. Knowledge and understanding of this turbulent period of English history was further enriched when Mr and Mrs Richardson shared their expertise as Civil War re-enactors and set up camp on our school field for a morning. Children… Continue reading Civil War.

Senior 3 trip to Beth Shalom

We have been studying ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ in English this term and we visited the Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre and Museum on 18th November to help us understand and learn more about the Holocaust. At the centre there was a memorial garden with many sculptures to commemorate those who died in the Holocaust…. Continue reading Senior 3 trip to Beth Shalom.

Senior 3 Annual Trip to France

Here are some photos from our Senior 3 annual trip to France.

Iceland Trip 2014

On the last day of the summer term the Geography department embarked on its first foreign field trip as 40 pupils from Senior 4 and 5 headed for Iceland. Arriving after a very early start, the group took in a Viking ship museum and then travelled over to the Blue Lagoon, a geo-thermal spa, to… Continue reading Iceland Trip 2014.

German Exchange Second Leg

The first week of our Easter holiday, way back in April, saw the return visit of our S4 students to their German exchange partners in Schweich, near Trier. Bright and early on April 4th, 20 nervous but excited students, accompanied by Miss Gregory and Mr Perry, set out from school bound for Schweich. The journey… Continue reading German Exchange Second Leg.

Athens Trip

As a group of six students assembled at 6 a.m. on the last Friday of term, little did they realise what further feats of endurance would be required of them. Over only three full – albeit 15 hour days – the students covered more than 50 miles (not a typo!) and visited eight archaeological sites… Continue reading Athens Trip.

Twycross House in Crete

Age: The island – ancient, the school – less so. Population: About half a million Greeks, plus numerous Russian and Polish tourists and 23 students and 6 staff from Twycross House School. Appearance: Hot and rugged. The students and staff, the Russians and Poles or just the island? Well, all of them really, although the… Continue reading Twycross House in Crete.

Dear Eco Rangers

I really truly thank you For everything you’ve done And every time you smile You will always raise the sun.   I love the baby bonobos And how they jump, dance and sing And how they go up and down Round and round and FLING!   So this is a thank you letter For everyone… Continue reading Dear Eco Rangers.