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Extra Curricular Activities  >  AUTUMN IN THE LIBRARY!


This term’s activities focused on improving the use of our library’s reference section and the research skills that go with it.

Many of our new Form 3’s spent enthusiastic lunchtimes collecting leaves and producing colourful leaf rubbings. After finding the relevant reference books, we attempted to identify the tree names. The leaves were then used to decorate display boards. Form 3 also helped produce an autumn tree display by writing their favourite book titles on leaves; encouraging others to rake up a good read! 

Next came Halloween! The library hosted a program of craft activities, beginning with pumpkin pictures and skeletons (again using reference books to identify the correct names for human bones!). The annual Halloween card making session proved very popular, with reading related slogans such as ‘Batty about books’, ‘Spooktacular reads’ and ‘fangtastic reads’.

Lastly to round the week off, students competed in a ‘Harry Potter Quiz’. With sweets at stake for the highest scores, competition was fierce! Depending on their score, students gained an O.W.L. grade (Ordinary Wizarding Level). Top marks produced witches and wizards, but low marks labelled some poor students as trolls!  A lot of fun was also had with the library’s very own Sorting Hat! (Expertly made by Abbie Mitchel). Some Form 3’s tried on the hat and were sorted into the famous Hogwarts Houses (by the mystical voice of Thomas Buckton!).

Bonfire night is traditionally the British Autumn highlight. Unfortunately this particular bit of dark English history is in danger of being overshadowed by Halloween. In an attempt to keep our history alive, Swallows Hill had a display which informed students about Guy Fawkes and the infamous Gunpowder Plot of 1605. To decorate the display further, the library held an unusual pyrotechnics activity, where students made their own model firework. They were reminded of the associated colours of elements commonly used in fireworks as well as the chemistry of gunpowder and of course the bang! 

Remembrance Day always provides sombre food for thought.  The library tries to remind students of the importance of remembering history and the available stories that tell of the great heroism and the horror that took place. Thank you to the students who gave up their time to help make poppies for the displays around school, which prompted some interesting debates on war.

This year’s National Anti-bullying Week took place during November 14 – 18th. Twycross House School took part via form-time activities across all years. Students were made aware of the crippling effects that bullying can have – in all of its forms. Attention was drawn in particular to cyber and emotional bullying; both of which are often difficult to detect. Mrs van Arkel set up interactive videos in the I.C.T. room over lunch-times, where students could test themselves in hypothetical situations. Meanwhile the library provided anti-bullying displays across school to stimulate debate and perhaps a little bit of soul searching! In addition the library offered the chance to make colourful ‘friendship bracelets’ which incorporated single words, chosen by the students, to promote the anti-bullying message (e.g. STOP!, NO!, FRIENDSHIP). It also provided an opportunity to introduce some powerful reading material which retells stories of courage and fortitude in the face of adversity.

Christmas is of course the highlight of any Autumn term and is a great time for the library to promote the comforting tradition of curling up with a cracking good read. Lunch-times offered the chance to make Christmas cards and decorations, utilizing recycled materials.  Many thanks to students who have helped make the festive displays and especially to those who entered the ‘Christmas Genre Tree’ competition. Each tree was a work of art in its own right and proved a difficult task for Mrs. Murfin to judge. First prize went to Layla Guintoli & Olivia Hartley for their fantasy themed tree. All entrants received a book token and something sweet!

Lastly, a big thank you to all student librarians who have shown impressive commitment and responsibility. The range of activities offered at lunch-times would not be possible without their help.

Mrs A Lington