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Apple trees

When Mr and Mrs Assinder bought The Hollies in 1982 the gardens contained many old fruit trees. Some of the trees were dying and were replaced by new ones. One tree was propped up and it limped along for a couple of years as it produced lovely apples, but its variety was a mystery so no replacement could be purchased. Finally the tree had to be removed, so the last apples were eaten and all the seeds were planted.  Two seedlings were planted in The Hollies garden and others were given to children whose parents had room for a tree. 

This autumn these two trees fruited well and class 4y helped harvest the apples which were eaten by many children during lunchtime. Two of the pupils in 4y are the offspring of the original children attending The Hollies in the eighties. Oscar Stripp and Layla Guintoli are pictured with the apple harvest of one of the apple trees planted when their own mothers were pupils at the school.

On a final festive  note, both trees are also hosts to home grown mistletoe: over a hundred berries were squashed on the branches over a couple of years for this to happen. The children walk by both trees as they go to the swimming pool.  Can they spot this festive plant?

apple trees apple trees