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Exchanges & Visits

Exchanges & Visits


Senior 3 Annual Trip to France

Here are some photos from our Senior 3 annual trip to France.

Iceland Trip 2014

On the last day of the summer term the Geography department embarked on its first foreign field trip as 40 pupils from Senior 4 and 5 headed for Iceland. Arriving after a very early start, the group took in a Viking ship museum and then travelled over to the Blue Lagoon, a geo-thermal spa, to… Continue reading Iceland Trip 2014.

German Exchange Second Leg

The first week of our Easter holiday, way back in April, saw the return visit of our S4 students to their German exchange partners in Schweich, near Trier. Bright and early on April 4th, 20 nervous but excited students, accompanied by Miss Gregory and Mr Perry, set out from school bound for Schweich. The journey… Continue reading German Exchange Second Leg.

Athens Trip

As a group of six students assembled at 6 a.m. on the last Friday of term, little did they realise what further feats of endurance would be required of them. Over only three full – albeit 15 hour days – the students covered more than 50 miles (not a typo!) and visited eight archaeological sites… Continue reading Athens Trip.

Twycross House in Crete

Age: The island – ancient, the school – less so. Population: About half a million Greeks, plus numerous Russian and Polish tourists and 23 students and 6 staff from Twycross House School. Appearance: Hot and rugged. The students and staff, the Russians and Poles or just the island? Well, all of them really, although the… Continue reading Twycross House in Crete.

Dear Eco Rangers

I really truly thank you For everything you’ve done And every time you smile You will always raise the sun.   I love the baby bonobos And how they jump, dance and sing And how they go up and down Round and round and FLING!   So this is a thank you letter For everyone… Continue reading Dear Eco Rangers.

Geography field trip 2013

The Lower Sixth geography field trip to Cromer was a great success. The trip is designed around field work studies that are essential to the geography skills paper the students will sit in the summer. The group left Twycross in high spirits and the 4 hour journey to a rather grey Cromer didn’t dampen their… Continue reading Geography field trip 2013.

Dwarfs, drunken nuns and Karl Marx’s holy underpants!

A smaller than usual party of excited Twycross students (accompanied by Miss Gregory and Mr and Mrs Perry) waved a cheery farewell to their apprehensive parents and set off on a week-long trip to Germany during the Easter holidays to meet up with their exchange partners in the Trier/Schweich region of Germany near to the Luxembourg border. For the… Continue reading Dwarfs, drunken nuns and Karl Marx’s holy underpants!.

Visit to the Holocaust Centre

As part of their study of ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’, S3 visited the Holocaust Centre in Nottingham.  The trip was intended to provide a fuller understanding of Anne Frank’s life as well as to give the students a deeper awareness of the human suffering generated by events like the Holocaust. We listened to a… Continue reading Visit to the Holocaust Centre.

Senior 1 Camp 2012

We left school at half past twelve and made our way to camp. The journey took around two or three hours but was worth it in the end. When we arrived in Welshpool we headed into town and the first shop we went to was the old sweet shop (obviously!)  When we left, nearly all… Continue reading Senior 1 Camp 2012.